Terms & Conditions

Booking - Payment
Full payment is due on booking.
When you submit a booking via our online reservation system, you will receive an automatically generated booking confirmation by email, to the email address you provide in the booking form.
Your reservation with Fairford Airshow Camping entitles you to DIY camping or Park & View at Townsend Farm, Whelford only. It does not entitle you to access to RIAT. Tickets must be purchased seperately for the airshow.
In the event of cancellation within 6 weeks of the camping start date, you will be liable for the full amount. If you wish to cancel more than 6 weeks before your arrival date, we will refund the cost of the stay less a £10 administration charge. Please contact leonie@greatfarm.co.uk for cancellation processing.
Cancellation of RIAT
If for any reason the airshow is cancelled, postponed, shortened or changed, we cannot guarantee a full refund.
Booking a stay at the campsite means that you agree to abide by the rules of the campsite, as displayed in reception. To summarise:
All guests are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct at all times.
Any guest who we believe is endangering their own safety or that of others, or who is spoiling other guests’ stays, will be required to leave immediately, without a refund.
Generators are only permitted in certain areas of the site – please let reception know if you will be using one, in order that we can direct you to the correct field. Please only use them between 8.00am and 10,30pm.
Please maintain the camp quiet hours of 2330hr until 0630hrs.
Quiet fields are intended to be quiet. Please do not choose a quiet pitch unless you are able to be quiet.
Please use the skips provided to dispose of rubbish.
No fires. BBQs to be at least 12” off the ground.
We reserve the right to move any tents, caravans, motor homes or cars should we deem it necessary.
Arrival & Departure
The campsite will open on Monday 9th July at 9am. It will close on Tuesday 17th July at 1pm. Monday night 16th July stays are subject to availability and will only be possible on certain fields – please tell reception on arrival if you are staying on Monday 16th.
On booking, please be aware that you are staying on a working farm. This means that not all of the ground is level. If you prefer hardstanding and roads, this is not the campsite for you.
If the weather is extremely wet it will not be possible to drive to all of the pitches, and we recommend that you bring a wheelbarrow or trolley to transport your belongings.
Losses and Damage
We do not accept liability for loss or damage to personal effects or for personal injury or accident and we suggest you make suitable insurance arrangements to cover these.
Great effort is made to maintain the highest standards for our guests. Should you experience a problem, please contact reception during your stay so that we can arrange for things to be put right.
Well behaved dogs are welcome at the campsite, subject to the following. Please keep dogs on a long lead to avoid disturbing the livestock and wildlife on the farm. Please pick up after your pet and make sure that it does not cause disturbance to other guests.